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Sprangle Wins the 2014 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Prize

Professor Phillip Sprangle has won the 2014 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Prize (AAC). This prize is awarded every 2 years at the AAC workshop, which is the premiere (invitation-only) meeting in the world for new ideas in accelerator physics and applications. The AAC Prize consists of a cash award, plaque, certificate, and much recognition as the competition is fierce.

Phil Sprangle

Undergraduates Honored for their Thesis Work

Ike Uchenna Chukwu and Burkley Patterson were recently both named recipients of the 2014 IPST Monroe Martin Prize for Undergraduate Research in Physics.

Burkley's work was titled "Construction and Experiments with a Cavity QED system." He will be continuing his work, now as a graduate student, in Luis Orozco's Cavity QED experiment, which is supported by NSF.

Ike worked on a "Two-Dimensional Magneto-Optical Trap with Rubidium Atoms." His research was part of the "Atoms on Squids" experiment, which is supported by the NSF PFC@JQI.

Station Q: The Quest for a Quantum Future at Microsoft

Sankar Das Sarma has been collaborating with Station Q for a decade and says "a quantum computer will do things we cannot possibly know now." Full Story

A Well-Timed Push Controls a Tipping Point

Professor Ed Ott's latest work, which was published in the Journal Chaos, was featured in Physics Today.

Wolfgang Losert, new Interim Associate Dean for Research in CMNS

Wolfgang Losert will serve as Insterim Associate Dean for Research in the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences (CMNS).

Wolfgang has an appointment in physics, the Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPST), and the Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics (IREAP). As a member of the Nonlinear Dynamics Group, Wolfgang's research focuses on discovering emergent dynamic properties of complex systems at the interface of physics and biology, with a special emphasis on cancer biology.

Within CMNS and the broader scientific community, Wolfgang actively fosters cross-disciplinary interactions and new research and educational opportunities. He chairs the Division of Biological Physics of the American Physical Society, and is part of a trans-university initiative of HHMI (called NEXUS) that is developing new science and math courses for biology majors and pre-health care students that can serve as a national model. He helped initiate and now leads the Partnership for Cancer Technology, which provides UMD faculty and graduate students the opportunity to tackle pressing problems in cancer research in collaboration with National Cancer Institute experts. To take on this new position in the dean’s office, Wolfgang will be stepping down from his roles as member of the Burgers Board for Fluid Dynamics and director of the graduate program in biophysics. Wolfgang’s interdisciplinary expertise will be especially valuable in the context of our recently integrated college.

Wolfgang Losert

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