Redish, Edward - Professor

1308 Physics Building
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Curriculum Vitae

Research Projects:
  • Development of an introductory course in physics for biologists
  • Student use of mathematics in physics (across the curriculum)
  • Building cognitive models of student thinking in physics

Notable Publications:
  • Reinventing College Physics for Biologists: Explicating an Epistemological Curriculum , E. F. Redish and D. Hammer, Am. J. Phys., 77, 629-642 (2009).
  • Looking Beyond Content: Skill development for engineers, E. F. Redish and K. A. Smith, Journal of Engineering Education 97, 295-307 (July 2008)
  • Teaching Physics With the Physics Suite (John Wiley & Sons 2003)
  • A Theoretical Framework for Physics Education Research: Modeling student thinking Proceedings of the International School of Physics, "Enrico Fermi" Course CLVI, E. F. Redish and M. Vicentini (eds.) (IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2004)
  • Investigating student understanding of quantum physics: Spontaneous models of conductivity E. Redish, R. Steinberg, and M. Wittmann, Am J Phys, 70:3, pp. 218-226 (2002)

Department of Physics

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