LPS Seminar


Speaker Name: Prof. Mohammad Hafezi
Speaker Institution : UMD ECE, Physics, and JQI
Notes: 3:00pm EST (Refreshments served at 2:30pm).

Abstract : We first discuss how topological physics can be observed for photons; specifically, how various quantum Hall models can be simulated in an optical system. We report on the imaging and measurement of topological photonic edge states and the generation of correlated-photon pairs, in silicon photonics platform. We then discuss how strong interaction between photons can be created by the integration of topological photonic structures with solid-state quantum emitters.

Moreover, we describe how photons, in a different role, could be exploited to probe and manipulate electronic states. Examples include: (1) optical creation and manipulation of topological excitations with light, (2) light-induced superconductivity and topology. More generally, we discuss how quantum optics toolbox can be used to probe and manipulate correlated states of electrons.

*NEW POLICY: All Visitors to LPS must present a photo ID for entry to the colloquium*

Note: LPS is located at 8050 Greenmead Drive in College Park. There is parking at LPS and overflow parking at the adjacent LTS building but not at the 4H building. LPS is on the UMCP shuttle route; take #105 for the Courtyard Apts. Please use the phone on the left hand side of the front door to call the receptionist for entry.
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