Physics Colloquium

Tue, Nov 12, 2019 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Physical Sciences Complex Lobby


Kiyong Kim, University of Maryland

Physics and engineering of strong terahertz pulse generation

Terahertz science and technologyis of great current interest due to its potential applications in bio-medicalimaging and spectroscopy, chemical/explosive detection, wireless communication,security scanning, and plasma diagnostics. However, few sources and detectors existin the terahertz frequency band. This leaves a major gap between the opticaland microwave regions, for which new high-power terahertz sources would have amajor impact. One promising source pioneered by my group and now adoptedworldwide is based on controlling the laser-driven orbits of free electronsliberated by high field ionization of gases. In this talk, I will presentrecent experiments that provide a better understanding of this process, enablingus to achieve a world record in THz generation efficiency. This source willopen up new opportunities to explore extreme terahertz-driven nonlinearprocesses in atoms, molecules, and plasmas.

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