Physics Colloquium

Tue, Dec 3, 2019 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
PSC Lobby


Speaker: Dr. John Doyle, Harvard University

Title: Trapped laser-cooled molecules for particle physics using quantum tools 

Abstract: Due to the versatility and controllable complexity of cold polar molecules, they are a powerful platform for precision measurement searches of physics beyond the standard model (BSM). This, and their use for quantum information applications, has led to intense efforts to control molecules at the quantum level. In particular, precision searches for new particle physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM), including new cosmology-related physics, is an area of significant focus for the physics community. The most recent ACME experiment, which probes for the electron electric dipole moment, is sensitive to T-violating physics due to particles with masses up to 30 TeV, which is a mass scale already well beyond the reach of particle colliders. Thus, EDM experiments, which broadly probe new CP-violating physics, are an important complement collider experiments. Several EDM experiments currently use heavy diatomic molecules (e.g. YbF , HaF+ , ThO) to probe this BSM physics, Diatomic molecules are being planned for use in several next-generation and new experiments searching for BSM physics. I will give an update on the ACME EDM experiment, which last year produced a new limit on the electron EDM and is moving forward with another upgrade. I will also discuss possible future experiments using ultracold polyatomic molecules such as YbOH and YbOCH$_3$. It is predicted that when laser-cooled and trapped optically, such species will provide long coherence times, opening the possibility for future experiments to probe BSM physics at the PeV scale. Finally, use of ultracold molecules for dark matter searches will also be discussed. 

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