Nuclear Theory Speaker

Thu, Oct 10, 2019 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
PSC 3150


Speaker: Niklas Mueller, BNL

Title: Deeply inelastic scattering structure functions on a hybrid quantum computer

Abstract: We outline a strategy to compute deeply inelastic scattering structure functions using a hybrid quantum computer. Our approach takes advantage of the representation of the fermion determinant in the QCD path integral as a quantum mechanical path integral over 0+1-dimensional fermionic and bosonic worldlines. The proper time evolution of these worldlines can be determined on a quantum computer. While extremely challenging in general, the problem simplifies in the Regge limit of QCD, where the interaction of the worldlines with gauge fields is strongly localized in proper time and the corresponding quantum circuits can be written down. As a first application, we employ the Color Glass Condensate effective theory to construct the quantum algorithm for a simple dipole model of the F2structure function. We outline further how this computation scales up in complexity and extends in scope to other real-time correlation functions.

If time permits, I will also discuss another interesting application for QIS, where we study the real-time dynamics of a prototype model for CP-violation, the massive Schwinger model with a θ term. We identify dynamical quantum phase transitions between different topological sectors in this model which persist at string coupling and may be accessed with table-top experiments based on existing cold-atom, superconducting-qubit, and trapped-ion technology.

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