JQI Special Seminar

Thu, Nov 15, 2018 10:00 am - 11:00 am
PSC 2136


Title: A quantum optics perspective on analog black holes and analog Hawking radiation

Speaker: Iacopo Carusotto, University of Trento

Abstract: I will start by briefly reviewing the state of the art in the

theoretical and experimental study of analog models of quantum field

theories in flat, curved, or time-dependent backgrounds using condensed

matter and optical systems. I will then present a quantum optical theory

of Hawking emission of phonons from analog black holes in quantum fluids

of ultracold atoms and in quantum fluids of light in nonlinear optical

devices. I will then move to the recent extension of the analog model

paradigm to include new features, in particular analogs of two-level

emitters coupled to the quantum field. I will conclude with an outline

of more speculative investigations about the back-reaction effects of

quantum fluctuations on the underlying space-time and their possible

study via quantum optical techniques.

Host- Mohammad Hafezi

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