Phys/ANE/ChemPhys Joint Seminar

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Speaker: Brenda Rubenstein, Joukowsky Family Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Brown University

Title: Computing with Molecules: Storage and Computation Using Small Molecules and Their Reaction Networks

Abstract: As transistors near the size of molecules, computer engineers are increasingly findingthemselves asking a once idle question: how can we compute using chemistry? In this talk, I
will discuss recent progress my Brown Molecular Informatics team and I have made
demonstrating how mixtures of small, unordered molecules can process information. During the
first portion of this talk, I will illustrate how combinatorial chemical synthesis combined with high
resolution mass spectrometry can be harnessed to store GBs of information in small molecules
and metabolites. I will then turn to describing how basic principles of chemistry can be exploited
to realize fully molecular neural networks for machine learning and image processing. I will end
with a discussion of the challenges molecular computation faces that may be resolved with
clever doses of synthetic and theoretical chemistry, and the connections molecular computation
has to the field of systems chemistry.


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