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McKinney, Jonathan

McKinney, Jonathan

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Address: 3114 Physical Sciences Complex
  • Phone: 301.405.6023

Curriculum Vitae


Jonathan McKinney is a leader in the general relativistic radiation magnetohydrodynamic (GRRMHD) description of accretion around black holes and other compact objects and the structure of astrophysical jets, topics that are focus areas of JSI. He has developed simulation tools with exceptionally robust stability, allowing GRRMHD simulations spanning black hole horizons to run millions of times as long as the dynamical time scales. These simulations and related studies have shed new light on the physics of relativistic jets, including the possible role of magnetic reconnection. He also works to connect the small-scale accretion problem to the large-scale cosmological evolution of black holes and galaxies.