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Sprangle, Phillip

Sprangle, Phillip

  • Title: Professor
  • Address: 3335 A.V. Williams Building
  • Phone: 301.405.4982



Phillip Sprangle is Professor of Electrical &Computer Engineering and Physics at the University of Maryland and Senior Scientist for Directed Energy Physics (ST) at the Naval Research Laboratory. His research covers a wide range of fields and includes the atmospheric propagation of high-energy lasers, laser driven accelerators, ultra-short pulse laser matter interaction and propagation, nonlinear optics and free electron lasers. He is a fellow of the OSA, APS, IEEE and DEPS. He is winner of the Advanced Accelerator Concept Prize (2014), James Clerk Maxwell Prize (2013), Fred E. Saalfeld Award (2012), Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award (2011), IEEE Plasma Science Award (2008), Sigma Xi Pure Science Award, (1994), International Free Electron Laser Prize (1991), E.O. Hulburt Science and Engineering Award (1986), two Technology Transfer Awards (1995, 2004), as well as the Top Navy Scientist and Engineer of the Year Award (2008). He has published over 300 refereed scientific articles.