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Agashe, Kaustubh

Agashe, Kaustubh

Curriculum Vitae


Kaustubh Agashe obtained his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley in 1998. After conducting postdoctoral research at the University of Oregon, Johns Hopkins University and (briefly) the Institute of Advanced Study (Princeton), he joined the faculty of the physics department at Syracuse University in 2005. He then moved to the University of Maryland in 2007. Professor Agashe's research is in the field of theoretical particle physics (more details are under the "personal website" link). He works on ideas going beyond the standard model of particle physics. This research includes both building such new models and making predictions for them which can be tested in experiments ("phenomenology"), that too ranging from direct production of new particles at high-energy colliders to their indirect detection in lower-energy experiments to dark matter detection.