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Chacko, Zackaria

Chacko, Zackaria

Curriculum Vitae


Professor Chacko is a theoretical physicist, and a founding member of the Maryland Center for Fundamental Physics (MCFP). His research interests lie in elementary particle physics, the field that studies the fundamental constituents of matter and their interactions. The primary focus of Professor Chacko's research is the study of new theories that can explain some of the puzzles of the current Standard Model of particle physics, and that can be tested by current or upcoming experiments. He has made contributions to our understanding of weak scale supersymmetry, extra dimensions, grand unification, composite Higgs models, dark matter, baryogenesis and neutrino physics. Professor Chacko's work has connections to many different types of experiments, including the Large Hadron Collider, the direct and indirect detection of dark matter, precision observations of the cosmic microwave background, neutrino oscillation studies, searches for rare processes and short range tests of Newton's law of gravitation.