RIT in Quantum Information Science

Mon, Mar 4, 2024 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Kirwan Hall 3206


Introduction to Unclonable Quantum Cryptography
(Session 5 of RIT in Quantum Information Science)
Speaker Name: Yusuf Alnawakhtha
Speaker Institution : UMD
The goal of this talk is to go over some of the intuition that lies behind quantum cryptography protocols. We will begin by addressing the advantages that quantum cryptography protocols have over classical cryptography as well as the difference between quantum and post-quantum cryptography. We will then highlight one of the advantages that quantum cryptography has, no-cloning, and discuss why it allows us to construct primitives that are impossible in the classical setting (such as position verification and unclonable encryption). A main goal of the talk is to demystify some of the vocabulary and concepts often used in this field, so questions are very much encouraged!

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