The UMD Physics Undergraduate Committee was founded in 2019 and comprises of representatives from each year in the physics major. The overall goal of UMDPUC is to work with peers, the department and the community to develop ideas to refine the academic, social, and professional experience of physics majors. Members are elected for the academic year and serve as liaisons between the students and the department.

UMDPUC is planning several programs for the year, and is always looking for input from physics students about what they’d like to see from the department. Information about these programs can be found below.

Undergraduate Research Colloquium

UMDPUC has started an Undergraduate Research Colloquium to provide an opportunity for students to gain insight on how to get involved in research, learn about research conducted by their peers, and present their own research talks. Presenting research is a skill that is highly valued by graduate schools and in the job market, and this program creates a forum for undergraduates to practice their research talks and public speaking.

The colloquia is a series of biweekly talks presented by and for undergraduates. Students will have the option of presenting either a 15 or 30 minute talk to their peers, with ample room for questions from the audience. We encourage students to share not only their scientific research, but also their journey that led to their research involvement, their career goals, and other relevant experiences that they have had as physics undergraduates.

Suggestions Box

In order to serve the needs of physics undergraduates, UMDPUC is open to any and all suggestions and requests from physics majors. Members of the committee can be contacted directly, and we will also have a virtual suggestion box where students can submit their thoughts. Please submit suggestions: