About Us:

Welcome to the UMD Physics Makerspace! We seek to encourage learning, investigation, and collaboration through practical projects in electronics, fabrication, coding, and more. We focus on skills that are useful to a physics major in their career, but are not taught in any courses at UMD. While we are built around UMD physics, the same skills are useful in a range of fields, and all are welcome!

The Vortex is one makerspace among 25+ within the Makerspace Initative (MSI). The MSI is dedicated to providing students, faculty, and staff with the resources to create and innovate. For more information, visit their page.

You can get involved through our frequent hour-long workshops where we teach you a basic skill with no prior knowledge assumed. Or come drop on by any time (as long as we’re open) and chat with a shop manager about a project you are interested in working on in the space, and what resources we can offer you (make sure to check the shop manager schedule to find someone who is interested in the same topics as you!).

Check out our 2021-22 Student Leaders and this year's December event down below.

Here’s a link to a diamondback article about us: http://www.dbknews.com/2017/11/03/makerspace-umd-physics-welding-shop/

 Physics Makers Camp

A new summer camp hosted in The Vortex in Summer 2022.

Our Location:

We are located in building 111, tucked between the physics and chemistry buildings. The easiest way to enter the space is to go down the stairs behind Toll 1410 and 1412. Our official address can be found here: maps.umd.edu

When we are open, the door remains unlocked and you can come on in!

 vortex map  


2021-22 Student Leaders

Dylan VortexSlide

Lena VortexPresidents

Jake VortexSlide


December 2021 Event


Thank you to everyone that stopped by The Vortex Relaunch Event! We hope you enjoyed a sneak peak of the space and some of the skills and tools you can take advantage of next semester. If you missed this semester’s relaunch event, don’t worry! We’ll have plenty more in store for the Spring.

If you would like to become a manager or get more involved in the future, fill out https://ter.ps/Vortex2122.


Staff Contact Information:

Angel Torres: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donna Hammer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.