Electronic and Mechanical Development

Electronic Development Group (EDG) is an electronics support service to the University of Maryland and its partners. EDG provides support in design, fabrication, packaging, cabling, test and repair of electronics. We have a knowledgeable and experienced staff that are committed to providing a high quality product while working closely with the customer to ensure the product meets their demands. We are ready to help you with any job, whether it's large or small. Please stop in or give us a call.

EDG Contact Information
0204 John S. Toll Physics Building
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Mechanical Development Group (MDG) of the Department of Physics specializes in designing, creating, testing, modifying and repairing research equipment and teaching apparatus, i.e., mechanical, electro- and opto-mechanical devices, vacuum chambers and pressure vessels, molds, models, electronics enclosures/test specimens. By coupling the efficiency of CNC machining with the high precision of Wire & Ram EDM we can create unique or difficult-to-fabricate components. We produce prototype or production quantities of fixtures, fabricated assemblies and complex precision parts. Tolerances of +/- .001" are achieved by any of our skilled associates operating in our climate-controlled 14,500 sq. ft. facility. The MDG has three primary support activities: engineering, fabrication and materials sales.

MDG Contact Information
0305 John S. Toll Physics Building
Les Putnam