Are you interested in quantum computing and technology? Do you want to learn more about quantum mechanics and its range of applications?

We post our announcements in the UQA Discord server about meetings, events, opportunities, and more! Join our Discord by using this link:

The Undergraduate Quantum Association (UQA) is a research and career-oriented student organization which provides a space for students to engage with and learn more about quantum science! UQA helps to connect the campus community to the frontiers of quantum through various events. We haveā€¦

  • Taken tours to local facilities like IonQ, a quantum computing company focused on software and hardware development
  • Invited speakers from quantum industries to discuss their work via a speaker series
  • Invited UMD faculty to discuss quantum research opportunities on campus
  • Collaborated with hackathon organizations to create a quantum computing track

Our community consists of physics, computer science, and other majors who are eager to explore quantum science. Regardless of major, everyone is welcome at UQA!

We have weekly general body meetings on Tuesdays at 7PM in Room 2208 John S. Toll Building.

2022-23 Leadership Team:

President: Jade LeSchack

Vice President: Sondos Quqandi

Secretary: Argen Detoito

Communications Officers: Hannah Cho

Officers: Dhruv Srinivasan, Neha Narayan, Aaron Gorbaty, Jacob Cigliano, Nick Mann, Hannah McCright, Nathan Constantinides

UQA Advisor: Donna Hammer

Association Sponsors:

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