The next Qualifier will be held on: August 26 & 27, 2020

The Qualifying Exam consists of two parts: Classical Physics and Quantum Physics.

First-year students are welcome to take a “free try” during January of their first year. (Especially well-prepared students can request permission to take their free try in August when they first arrive.) This will not count toward the three exam limit.

A year after matriculation, students must take the “first try” of the exam, and take their second and third tries in the subsequent semesters. If the student cannot pass both parts of the Qualifying Exam after the Fall of their third year, they can appeal the Qualifying Committee to have an Oral Examination.


 Classical Mechanics         Quantum Mechanics
        Fall 2018 Part I (solutions)            Fall 2018 Part II (solutions)

Here are some previous exams:

Classical Mechanics Quantum Mechanics
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