CANCELLED: JQI Seminar: Adam Kaufman


Speaker: Adam Kaufman (JILA, CU Boulder & NIST)

Title: Programmable control of indistinguishable particles: from clocks to qubits to many-body physics 

Abstract: Quantum information science seeks to exploit the collective behavior of a large quantum system to enable tasks that are impossible (or less possible!) with classical resources alone. This burgeoning field encompasses a variety of directions, ranging from metrology to computing. While distinguished in objective, all of these directions rely on the preparation and control of many identical particles or qubits. Meeting this need is a defining challenge of the field. There are several promising platforms that are targeting these capabilities, and I will focus on one such platform — optically-trapped neutral atoms.  We have been developing a new suite of tools, based on the use of more exotic atomic species, new trapping architectures, and new control methods. I will provide an overview of these developments and a few specific examples of our recent scientific directions, which range from the use of bosonic atoms for sampling problems, a new kind of atomic clock, and a different kind of qubit.

*The lunch could not be cancelled, so it will be served at noon.  You will need to print your first and last name on the sign up sheet.*