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Shawhan, Peter

Shawhan, Peter

Curriculum Vitae


Peter Shawhan did graduate research in Physics at the University of Chicago, studying CP violation in neutral K meson decays, and earned his Ph.D. in 1999. He then spent seven years at Caltech as a Millikan Prize Fellow and Senior Scientist, helping to establish observing operations and data analysis for the LIGO gravitational wave detectors. As a University of Maryland Physics faculty member since 2006, Shawhan's primary research revolves around searching for gravitational wave signals from neutron stars, black holes, collapsing stars, and other extreme astrophysical sources. Detection of these elusive signals will confirm a prediction of Einstein's general theory of relativity, test the theory of gravity, and reveal the properties of the sources. Shawhan and his students also collaborate with astronomers to seek counterparts using optical, radio, X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy observations. Other research interests include laboratory tests of gravity and X-ray transient surveys.