OutstandingPin squareH. Dennis Drew, Howard M. Milchberg, and Jay Deep Sau have been recognized by the Americal Physical Society as Outstanding Referees for their contributions to the Physics community.

Each year, about 150 of the over 70,000 indivudal referees who help review manuscripts for publication in APS journals are recognized by APS for their efforts in maintaining the high standards of their journals. This is a lifetime award that has been carried out since 2008. 

Drew, Milchberg and Sau join these UMD Physics faculty who were recognized by the Outstanding Referees Program in previous years:

2016       Sarah Eno           

2013       Alessandra Buonanno   

2013       Jayanth Banavar              

2012       Thomas D. Cohen            

2011       James F. Drake 

2010       R. N. Mohapatra              

2009       Andrew Elby      

2009       Christopher Jarzynski    

2009       Edward Ott        

2009       John D. Weeks 

2009       O. W. Greenberg            

2009       S. M. Bhagat      

2009       Steven Rolston 

2009       T. R. Kirkpatrick

2009       Ted Jacobson    

2008       Dieter Brill          

2008       Hans R. Griem  

2008       J. Robert Dorfman          

2008       Michael E. Fisher             

2008       Sankar Das Sarma           

2008       Stephen J. Wallace          

2008       Theodore L. Einstein


More about the Outstanding Referees Program and a list of all members at https://journals.aps.org/OutstandingReferees.