boebingerSqGregory S. Boebinger, Director of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and a professor at Florida State University, will give the W.J. Carr Lecture on Tuesday, April 9 at 4 p.m. in room 1412 of the John S. Toll Physics Building.  His talk is entitled Exploring the Heart of Quantum Matter with Extreme Magnetic Fields.

On Monday, April 8, he will also give the CNAM Seminar, Using High Magnetic Fields to Reveal Critical Behavior Near Optimum Doping in High-Temperature Superconductivity at 4 p.m. in room 1201 Toll.

The W. J. Carr Lecture Series on Superconductivity and Advanced Materials was established by Dr. James L. Carr, (Ph.D., ’89), in honor of in honor of his father, Walter J. Carr. It aims to contribute to the advancement of students in the UMD physics program and the Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials.