Siddhartha Harmalkar Received SPS Scholarship

Siddhartha Harmalkar

Congratulations to Siddhartha Harmalkar who has received the 2018 Society of Physics Students (SPS) Leadership Scholarship. The award recognizes outstanding academic achievements and exemplary leadership in the SPS community.  

Harmalkar is a junior at University of Maryland and studies math and physics.  He has been an active member of SPS since freshman year and has just completed his sophomore year when he led UMD's chapter as SPS president.  His research is in Lattice QCD in the Quarks, Hadron and Nuclei Theory Group at UMD.  

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Jacob Bringewatt Receives DOE CSGF

BringewattJacob BringewattCongratulations to Jacob Bringewatt for receiving a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (DOE CSGF).  Established in 1991, the fellowship was devised “to train and produce the next generation of leaders in computational science.”  The 2018-2019 incoming class includes twenty-six awardees from all over the country.

Bringewatt was a researcher with the Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS) while a physics undergraduate, and will continue this work as he begins his graduate studies here in the fall. He is currently working with co-advisors Stephen Jordan and Bill Dorland. In February of this year, he was the first author on a paper with Jordan, Dorland and NIST researcher Alan Mink comparing the performance of quantum adiabatic computation with local stoquastic Hamiltonians to classical simulation of those problems with diffusion Monte Carlo. 

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