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Goodman, Jordan

Goodman, Jordan

  • Title: Distinguished University Professor
  • Address: 2208G Physical Sciences Complex
  • Phone: 301.405.6033

Curriculum Vitae 


Jordan Goodman is a Distinguished University Professor and the former Chair of Physics Department at the University of Maryland. His area of research, Particle Astrophysics, studies cosmic radiation to better understand the properties of elementary particles and the processes in space that produce these particles. This field blends elements of high energy physics and astrophysics. Starting with his Ph.D. work, which showed evidence for an abundance of heavy elements such as iron in high energy cosmic rays, he has worked to understand the nature of cosmic rays which hit the earth. Previously, his work has concentrated on two experimental efforts-- Milagro and IceCube. He is now the Principal Investigator and US Spokesperson of the HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory.